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2024 Propose an ATHENA or Young Professional Honoree

Fill out the following to propose your honoree for nomination. Once reviewed and upon approval by the ATHENA Steering Committee, a formal nomination form will be sent to you for completion.

All proposals must be submitted by Friday, July 26.

The ATHENA Leadership Award celebrates exemplary leadership and is reflective of a quote by Plato: "What is honored in a country will be cultivated there." Over 7,000 Recipients have been honored with the ATHENA Leadership Award since the program's inception in 1982.

Presented to leaders across professional sectors, the ATHENA Leadership Award's rich history, international scope and focus on mentorship distinguish it as one of the most prestigious leadership awards one can receive.

There are many deserving individuals, however, ATHENA Leadership Award Nominees must meet each of the following three criteria below:
- Demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in their profession
-Provide valuable service to improve the quality of life for others in their community
-Actively assist women in achieving their full leadership potential
Name of your potential honoree
The honoree would be an *
Criteria for the award is the same for both the ATHENA & AYPL award. ATHENA Leadership Award honorees are over 40 years of age, and AYPL honorees are 40 or younger at the time of the nomination deadline.
Maximum word count 300 words.
Maximum word count 300 words.
Maximum word count 300 words.

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